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We supply a transparent clothing model because we have got nothing to hide. We work with great people who keep their people happy and care about the planet.

As we grow we plan to develop our role in the supply chain as resources will allow us to. We plan to do more and show more of how clothing should and could be made and sold.

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MAKERS: Shirts


We work with a small ethically aligned production facility in North London, 3 miles from Lyme terrace HQ to produce our shirts. It's a family run business and their love and advice has been invaluable to us. Sali, who runs the production side of things has a background in sustainable consultancy and practices for larger production units, so we know she cares as much as we do. 

lyme terrace eco textile supplier shandong china



For our first-generation bamboo t-shirts, we partnered with an eco-textile manufacturer close to Shanghai to knit our fabric. We were being fussy and wanted a specific weight and thread count, so our only option was to go custom. We visited the factory in November of 2016 to check everything was cool, check out our factory audit here.

As ever with these facilities, the scenes were far from romantic, but we were satisfied that the staff were safe and happy. We checked that the dyeing unit handled the affluent run-off in a responsible manner and verified all original certification. Turns out that this Chinese factory actually gave a shit about the environment and their workers, good vibes.

lyme terrace bamboo t-shirts made in Britain

MAKERS: T-shirts

Cornwall, UK

We found a small family-run production unit in Cornwall to cut and sew our first generation bamboo t-shirts. They hire a great team of local seamstresses and took real joy from their work, so we were instantly sold.

Full disclosure: the fact that some of the best surf breaks in the UK are just round the corner also influenced this choice.

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Fabric Suppliers


One fabric supplier that we work with is based in Berlin. Their ethos is perfectly aligned with ours and are completely transparent about the origins of their raw materials. They specialise in organic and fair-trade fabric of the highest quality with manufacturing partners in Turkey, Europe and India. One of their Indian partners,  Appachi Cotton, is a great example of the businesses they work with, proud to say that this is where our cotton comes from for our sweaters. Thanks to Ariane Bille for the shots.