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Policies + Practice

We’re very conscious about the words ethical and sustainable being misused in the industry. We wanted to give a quick rundown of what we do to minimize environmental and human suffering in our supply chain and allow you to judge.

Design Phase

We design our products to last the test of time by carefully choosing stitching, analysing stress points and picking only the strongest materials. By increasing the wearable-life of each garment we want to keep our clothing out of landfills.

The clothes we make are classic in terms of cut, colour and feel; so our products flow with the trends. Each garment is designed to allow people to build an outfit to express themselves and not be an expression themselves, meaning you can wear our garments over and over again.

Sourcing Phase

We only source certified organic or regenerated fibres for our fabrics. We demand to see and verify the up to date GOTS certification or proof that the regenerated fibre is in fact from recycled sources.

We do this because the excessive use of chemicals and a lack of education/safety procedures in non-organic fibre production leads to misery and is essentially poisoning farmers. See our partners’ certifications here. Even down to the finer details of our garments, we go the extra mile to source natural materials.

For example, for our Brushed cotton shirt’s buttons, we searched high and low to find a natural, cruelty free alternative to plastic or animal bone - we found the beautiful Corozo nut buttons.

Manufacturing Phase

We manufacture all of our products in Britain - we do this so we can guarantee fair working conditions for the skilled tailors and seamstresses that make our clothes. We regularly visit our production partners unannounced to double check conditions are as agreed upon.

British manufacturing also helps us cut down the CO2 in transporting fabrics to the far-east for production then back. Whenever sourcing fabrics from outside of Europe we do Factory audits to make sure staff and the Local environment is being treated with respect.

Dyeing phase - This is a phase we pay particular attention to because this is a stage where corners can easily be cut to the detriment of the surrounding water sources. Our tees are dyed in an AZO-free, formaldehyde-free reactive dye under REACH and OEKO-TEX 100 standards. Our sweaters are dyed under GOTS conditions and our shirts will follow suit.


We have a real issue with single-use plastic and the damage it causes. So we’ve moved all packaging away to more natural alternatives. We started with bamboo packaging that could be repurposed into a variety of things, now we’ve moved onto wild Seed paper packaging, sourced from England.

The idea behind the seed packaging is that it can be planted after use and complete the circular model we’re striving for. We aim to be completely plastic free as a company in the next 18 months.

Free repairs, No cares

We offer a Free repair service for any of our products, so if a seam bursts, send them back to us with our free returns service and we’ll repair. We’re dedicated to changing the disposable culture of clothing.