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October 19, 2017

8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our oceans each year. We wanted to create a conceptual product that tackled the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans and that could become part of the solution to a global problem. 
We created the 'Desert Sweater.'


We started working with a partner that creates future fabrics using recycled polyester and certified organic cotton. The recycled polyester yarn is created from PET plastic bottles recycled in Thailand..

18 recycled polyester bottles in our sweater

This may seem insignificant when you look at the 8 million tonne figure above, but we like to think about the bigger picture...


If we were able to scale this up to 1000 sweaters that's 18,000 plastic bottles recycled and 120 peoples’ recycling in a year.   

 Or 10,000 jumpers that's 180,000 plastic bottles recycled and 1200 peoples’ yearly plastic bottle use recycled in a year.

And that’s just us, selling one type of sweater. Our friends at  Riz boardshorts are proving that high-performance garments can be made from recycled materials; even Adidas are jumping on the bandwagon by releasing their new  Adidas Originals by Parley.


It's difficult to think about the impact that we have on the planet just by purchasing one sweater. We are never too small to make a difference and if you think that is the case, “try sleeping with a mosquito”- Dalai Lama.


lyme terrace recycled polyester desert sweater


As always, we manufacture this garment in the UK to guarantee fair working conditions and quality.


More specifically, this sweater is made in London by our partner who is a non-profit, social enterprise that acts as a centre of excellence for learning and developing within the British fashion industry.


By recycling problematic plastic, investing in local craftsmanship and being completely transparent in our pricing we want to give a glimpse of how clothing could/can be created if companies valued natural, social and financial capital equally. This is our contribution to change.

Check out the Recycled Polyester 'Desert  Sweater' in our shop here...