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December 11, 2017

Ripping open Christmas packaging is definitely a highlight of a drama-filled Christmas day, but there’s a darker side to your festive decorative paper. The equivalent of 6 million trees are thrown out after Christmas in the form of wrapping paper and single-use card packaging.

In the UK alone the amount of wrapping paper waste from one Christmas would stretch to the moon, which is astronomical (pun intended). But there are a few things we can do to minimise our paper wastage this festive season.

  1. Cut back on wrapping paper- Instead of wrapping every present individually, group smaller items together. Or replace the paper with reusable bags. Get creative and decorate the cardboard box the gift comes in.
  2. Buy recycled wrapping paper - There are loads of wrapping paper made from recycled sources on the market today. Just look for a variation of the symbol below:
  3. Recycle any used wrapping paper- Unfortunately not all wrapping paper is recyclable by local councils and it can be hard to tell. A simple trick is to use the ‘Scrunch test’, if the paper holds its shape when scrunched then it’s recyclable, if it springs back it is not.

We want to start conversations about single-use packaging, not just card and paper, but also plastic. We believe that as a society we’re advanced enough to change and alter patterns that we know are damaging to the greater good.

So, we created packaging that would hopefully inspire a more circular attitude towards packaging. To change the idea that packaging is just waste and only has one purpose. After months of searching and brainstorming, we decided to manually create ourwild seed paper packaging from huge sheets of handmade paper sourced in Hertfordshire, England.

Our packaging can be planted after use by simply adding it to well-lit soil and watering. Beautiful British wildflowers spring up when conditions are right, completing the cycle of the packaging by giving back to nature after taking from it.


All of our sweaters and shirts come in this seed paper packaging as standard, so no need to pay for extra wrapping this Christmas.

For our bamboo and organic cotton tees, we also offer the option at checkout to have these packaged in bamboo. Our bamboo branded packaging can be repurposed in numerous ways and is an ideal vessel to house flowers, kitchen utensils or even a candle.  Check out some of the ideas below.