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June 20, 2018

Part psychology, part imagination, art darkness Toni Hamel's paintings caught our eye recently after reading a bit of intense Jean-Paul Satre.

Men in lab coats carry a giraffe that appears to have rigor mortis in a painting called ‘The Heist’, in ‘The Watch’ a child stands at the edge of a pier with a lead attached to a melting iceberg. Hamel’s paintings each explore a peculiar relationship or a socio-cultural phenomena.

Why should a zebra be donning stripes? Why is a horse being painted pink? Do weathermen really fill up the clouds with water before a big storm? Hamel’s paintings inspire a childlike sense of curiosity and play, in them nothing is as it seems.

toni hamel art lyme terrace

toni hamel lyme terrace art

toni hamel art lyme terrace