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August 15, 2017

1. Switching to an eco-friendly energy provider 

    If you’re based in the UK, Bulb provides 100% renewable energy, are completely transparent and actually give a shit about what their customers have to say. Their rates are also extremely competitive. Simply go on Uswitch and complete your swap in under 5mins. For a further £50 credit, use this link:code:bulb.co.uk/refer/alexander795

    2. Change all household bulbs to LED 

    To be honest, this can be a pain in the ass to do originally, but you won’t have to look at the disgusting underside of that bulb for 5-7 years. Your energy bill will also be decreased, and the environment won’t take such a beating.

    3. Start Recycling

    If you don’t already, it’s actually super easy to do. The first step is buying a recycling bin to separate different types of rubbish. In Britain, you can usually request free recycling bins from your local council. Then all you need to do is put your rubbish out or take to suitable recycling point and the government does the rest. It takes a little getting used to, but definitely worth it considering how much waste we create.

    4. Buy a reusable water bottle

    Reduce your plastic waste by buying a reusable water bottle. I recommend S’well, keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, plus they look rad.  A bit on the expensive side (cheaper brands available) but if you regularly buy bottles of water or juice when you’re out and about, it quickly pays for itself.

    5. Buy only organic

    By buying only organic food, clothing, skin-care products, etc; you’re not only limiting the number of chemicals you’re absorbing, you’re also promoting a healthier planet. Plus, can you even remember what a tomato tastes like, it certainly doesn’t taste like the shit Sainsbury's serves up in their basics range.

    6. Plant something

    If you’ve got space, plant a small vegetable patch, or if not just buy some plants. Plants clean the air around you, reducing the risk of illness and bring tranquillity into your life. The only downside is watering them, but this can be a very therapeutic break from staring at a computer screen all day bashing buttons.

    7. Buy Independent

    In today’s system, big corporations are there to make money for their shareholders, it’s written in the law. They’re not there to care about the environment or be a positive influence, no matter how many CSR policies they may have. But it’s all good because there are loads of independent stores that do care about people and the environment. You just need to find the right ones who are transparent and open and willing to talk about their impact. Also buying from independents puts money back into the community rather than being hoarded by greedy billionaires.